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Ozark Valley Chiropractic’s personalized approach to treatment allows us to offer an accessible pricing structure based on each patient’s unique goals and financial circumstances.

We accept the following insurance providers, and many of our patients have undergone treatment with 50-100% coverage. For patients seeking treatment due to a car accident, your auto insurance may help cover the cost of your care, as well. We also offer discounts on a case-by-case basis for patients whose insurance does not cover chiropractic care.

Hear from Our Patients

“I had a pre-existing condition due to a car accident that caused lower back pains. I could barely stand up straight and it hurt to walk. My mobility was very limited. When I started seeing Dr. Jeremy, I was instantly feeling better, and after just 3 months, I was feeling better than I’d felt in my entire life. Every time I came in, the care I received was very personal and we got straight to the point. Thanks to Dr. Jeremy, I am back to playing golf again and running. You couldn’t ask for better care.”

“I started seeing Dr. Jeremy because I was experiencing some back & neck pain. I couldn’t move a lot and was really struggling. After working with him on and off for a little over two years, I’m feeling normal again, and I’m back to doing the activities I love, like working out and dancing. He’s great to be around and feels like a friend as much as a doctor. Thank you, Dr. Jeremy!”

“I came to see Dr. Jeremy Johnson after experiencing a sinus infection and two ear infections. I’d seen my Primary Care Provider and was given antibiotics, along with 2-3 other pills, and woke up a week later with double vision. After being sent to the emergency room, and then to an eye surgeon, I went to see Dr. Jeremy, who took x-rays that showed the exact same results as what the eye surgeon had diagnosed. I was encouraged. After 3-4 visits with Dr. Jeremy, my vision began to return to normal. When I went back to see the eye surgeon three weeks later, he was amazed. I felt so relieved and I continue to see Dr. Jeremy, because he helped me feel confident that I’m going to be okay now.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you have a severe injury, such as a broken bone, most people make great candidates for chiropractic care.

Ozark Valley Chiropractic conducts a full physical evaluation as part of every patient’s first visit to ensure it is safe to begin treatment.

People with a broken bone or osteoporosis are typically not eligible for chiropractic care to prevent complications or further injury.

That being said, Ozark Valley Chiropractic conducts a full physical evaluation as part of every patient’s first visit to ensure it is safe to begin treatment.

First, a little anatomy lesson: Your nervous system is what connects your brain to the rest of your body through your spinal cord. Within your brain, your cerebellum is located above the back of your neck, and is responsible for movement, coordination, balance, and various other motor functions.

When your spine or joints get moved out of place, nerves can become restricted and stop communicating properly with the rest of your body, triggering a domino effect that causes pain and decreases mobility. Even though one specific part of your body hurts, the pain you feel is actually a neurological symptom.

One of the most common misconceptions about chiropractors is that all we do is crack backs, when what we really do is go straight to the source, using external techniques to shift internal misalignments back into proper position to alleviate (or eliminate) pain.

Click here to read more about the mind-body connection.

This is one of the most common misconceptions people have about seeing a chiropractor. We can assure you that chiropractic care is meant to relieve pain, not cause it, and while some people may feel anxiety during their first chiropractic visit, many patients are pleasantly surprised and come to enjoy ongoing adjustments.

Yes! Chiropractic care does more than just relieve pain–– it can help improve strength, flexibility, and even athletic performance.

Our approach to care for pain relief methodically builds up to a Wellness phase for long-term health, but we do work with patients who come in, completely pain-free, specifically looking for wellness care.

Click here to learn more about the holistic benefits of chiropractic care.

Yes, but we typically recommend that patients wait at least 6-12 months to heal from the surgical procedure before receiving chiropractic care. When you visit us at Ozark Valley Chiropractic, it’s important that you disclose the details of any surgeries you’ve had so we can take this into consideration while designing your treatment plan.

Click here to read more about our provider’s personal story with surgery and discovering chiropractic care.

We see patients of all ages, from newborn babies to people well into their 70s. Unless you are experiencing specific conditions that disqualify you from chiropractic care, such as osteoporosis, we can design you a custom treatment plan to support your goals.

Absolutely, and we encourage it. Infants and children benefit significantly from chiropractic care to support their healthy development while correcting issues that may arise during childbirth and puberty. Read more about our services for little ones here.

Yes! A healthy spine and nervous system are critical for optimal health and performance.

We’ve worked with semi-pro cyclists, child athletes, hobbyist golfers, runners, and many other types of athletes. While most athletes start seeing us to treat sports injuries, many continue receiving treatment long after their recovery because they can feel the difference in their overall strength, mobility, and performance.

Read more about our athletic performance services, or if you’re suffering from a sports injury, click here.

Ozark Valley Chiropractic offers introductory consultations and second opinions for new patients in our Bentonville office.

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